IPBES 2.0: Facilitating Hungarian contribution to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

(ED_18-1-2018-0003 (2116), 2018 - 2021, running project)
Coordinator or leader of the project: 
dr. Báldi András
Coordinator or leader institution of the project: 
MTA Ökológiai Kutatóközpont
Short description: 

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was established after the IPCC model to assess the global state of biodiversity and of the ecosystem services it provides to society. Its main objective is to assemble objective scientific assessments both at global and regional scale based on available scientific and expert knowledge through accomplishing the work program accepted by governmental decision makers. This is in accordance with the EU Biodiversity Strategy.
The first IPBES thematic assessment, on Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production, was completed in 2016. Its Summary for Policymakers was approved word-by-word by the IPBES Plenary. The Pollination report is a result of two years of intensive work by 77 experts from all over the world including Hungary. In addition to that experts’ work is demonstrated by articles published in leading scientific journals.
The contribution of Hungarian experts to the European and Central Asian Regional and the Global Assessment is significant as well. Our experts also take part intensively in the work of task forces and MEP, the panel overseeing all IPBES scientific and technical functions.