Sándor BARTHA, PhD

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
bartha.sandor [at] ecolres.hu
+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 161
Brief description of the main scopes: 

1, Comparative plant community ecology
2, Fine scale functional organization of grasslands
3, Assembly and disassembly in grasslands and old fields

Main profile in keywords: 
assembly rules, community organization, vegetation dynamics, spatial statistics, spatially explicit simulations, landscape ecology, grassland ecology, old-field succession
Selected publications:


Bartha, S. ; Canullo, R. ; Chelli, S. ; Campetella, G. (2020): Unimodal Relationships of Understory Alpha and Beta Diversity along Chronosequence in Coppiced and Unmanaged Beech Forests DIVERSITY 12 (3): 101
Stotz G.C., Cahill Jr J.F., Bennett J., Carlyle C.N., Bork E.W., Askarizadeh D., Bartha S., Beierkuhnlein C., Boldgiv B., Brown L., Cabido M., Campetella G., Chelli S., Cohen O., Díaz S., Enrico L., Ensing D., Erdenetsetseg B., Fidelis A., Garris H.W., Henry H.A.L., Jentsch A., Jouri M.H., Koorem K., Manning P., Mitchell R., Moora M., Overbeck G.E., Pither J., Reinhart K.O., Sternberg M., Tungalag R., Undrakhbold S., van Rooyen M., Wellstein C., Zobel M., Fraser L.H. (2020): Not a melting pot: Plant species aggregate in their non-native range GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY 29 (3): pp. 482-490.


Szilvia Fóti, János Balogh, Zoltán Nagy, Michael Herbst, Krisztina Pintér, Evelin Péli, Péter Koncz, Sándor Bartha (2014): Soil moisture induced changes on fine-scale spatial pattern of soil respiration in a semi-arid sandy grassland Geoderma 213: 245-254.


Bartha Sándor, Meiners S J, Pickett S T A, Cadenasso M L (2003): Plant colonization windows in a mesic old field succession. Applied Vegetation Science 6: 205-212.


Pickett S T A, Cadenasso M L, Bartha Sándor (2001): Implications from the buell-small succession study for vegetation restoration. Applied Vegetation Science 4: 41-52.