László SOMAY

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
somay.laszlo [at] ecolres.hu
+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 152
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Functional and species composition, annual dynamics and ecosystem services of dung beetle communities in hungarian grasslands and forests

Selected publications:


Kovács-Hostyánszki A, Soltész Z, Szigeti V, Somay L, Báldi A (2021): Non-rotational set-aside fields improve reproductive success of cavity-nesting bees and wasps at the landscape scale, but have no effect on other wild bees and hoverflies in mid-summer. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 308: 107255
Somay L, Szigeti V, Boros G, Ádám R, Báldi A. (2021): Wood Pastures: A Transitional Habitat between Forests and Pastures for Dung Beetle Assemblages Forests 2021, 12(1): Paper 25


Elek, Z ; Růžičková, J ; Ádám, R ; Bereczki, K ; Boros, G ; Kádár, F ; Kovács-Hostyánszki, A ; Somay, L ; Szalkovszki, O ; Báldi, A. (2020): Mixed effects of ecological intensificationon natural pest control providers: ashort-term study for biotic homogenizationin winter wheat fields PeerJ 8:e8746


Milotić T., Baltzinger C., Eichberg C., Eycott A.E., Heurich M., Müller J., Noriega J.A., Menendez R., Stadler J., Ádám R., Bargmann T., Bilger I., Buse J., Calatayud J., Ciubuc C., Boros G., Jay-Robert P., Kruus M., Merivee E., Miessen G., Must A., Ardali E., Preda E., Rahimi I., Rohwedder D., Rose R., Slade E.M., Somay L., Tahmasebi P., Ziani S., Hoffmann M. (2019): Functionally richer communities improve ecosystem functioning: Dung removal and secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in the Western Palaearctic Journal of Biogeography 46 (1): 70-82.


Milotic T, Baltzinger C, Eichberg C, Eycott AE, Heurich M, Müller J, Noriega JA, Menendez R, Stadler J, Ádám R, Bargmann T, Bilger I, Buse J, Calatayud J, Ciubuc C, Boros G, Hauso M, Jay-Robert P, Kruus M, Merivee E, Miessen G, Must A, Omidzadeh Ardali E, Preda E, Rahimi I, Rohwedder D, Rose R, Slade EM, Somay L, Tahmasebi P, Ziani S, Hoffmann M (2018): Dung beetle assemblages, dung removal and secondary seed dispersal: data from a large-scale, multi-site experiment in the Western Palaearctic Frontiers of Biogeography 10 (1-2): Paper e37829