Bálint CZÚCZ

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
czucz.balint [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

The inmpact of climate change on ecosystems. Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services.

Main profile in keywords: 
climate change, ecosystem services, predictive statistical models, biodiversity indicators, landscape ecology
Selected publications:


Biró M, Czúcz B, Horváth F, Révész A, Csatári B, Molnár Zs (2013): Drivers of grassland loss in Hungary during the post-socialist transformation (1987-1999). Landscape Ecology 28(5): 789-803.


Czúcz B, Molnár Zs, Horváth F, Nagy Gergő G, Botta-Dukát Z, Török K (2012): Using the natural capital index framework as a scalable aggregation methodology for local and regional biodiversity indicators Journal for Nature Conservation 20(3):144-152.


Czúcz B, Gálhidy L, Mátyás Cs (2011): Present and forecasted xeric climatic limits of beech and sessile oak distribution at low altitudes in Central Europe Annals of Forest Science, 68(1): 99-108.


Czúcz Bálint, Gathman JP, McPherson G R (2010): The impending peak and decline of petroleum production: an underestimated challenge for conservation of ecological integrity Conservation Biology, 24(4): 948-956.


Walther G-R, Roques A, Hulme, Ph E, Sykes M T, Pysek P, Kühn I, Zobel M, Bacher S, Botta-Dukát Z, Bugmann H, Czúcz B, Dauber J, Hickler T, Jarošík V, Kenis M, Klotz S, Minchin D, Moora M, Nentwig W, Ott J, Panov V E, Reineking B, Robinet Ch, Semenchenko V, Solarz W, Thuiller W, Vilà M, Vohland K, Settele J (2009): Alien species in a warmer world - risks and opportunities. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24:686-693.